A guide to using Olelo Voicemail. Still have questions? Contact us.

Setting up Voicemail for the first time

To set up voicemail for the first time, use the Olelo app to dial *97, or on Android devices long press the 1 key on the dialpad.

Once you're connected to voicemail, you'll be prompted to record your name to be used in your voicemail greeting:

  • Press 1 to record your name, or
  • Press 2 to skip this step. If you decide to skip this step, your mailbox greeting will include your Olelo phone number instead of your recorded name.

Press the # key when you are finished recording your name. You will then be prompted to choose from the following:

  • Press 1 to listen to the recording of your name,
  • Press 2 to accept this recording and use it in your voicemail greeting,
  • Press 3 to record your name again,
  • Press 4 to delete your recording and go back to the previous menu.

If you are satisfied with the recording of your name, you should press the 2 key. Note: Your new greeting will not take effect until you have pressed 2 to accept and use your recording!

Your voicemail mailbox is now set up, and you will be brought to the main voicemail menu.

Voicemail Commands

Once your voicemail mailbox is set up, by following the instructions above, you can check your voicemail any time by dialing *97 or, on Android devices, long-pressing the 1 key on the dialpad.

When you check your voicemail, an automated system will say "You have [number] new and [number] saved messages...", and will begin playing your first new message. You can read the captions for voicemail recordings just like any other Olelo call.

You can use the following commands in your voicemail mailbox:

  • 1 - Start reverse playback
  • 2 - Stop/resume playback
  • 3 - Start fast-forward playback
  • 4 - Hear the message again
  • 5 - Play message with date and caller ID information
  • 7 - Delete message
  • 8 - Call back; to confirm the callback, press 1; To cancel the callback, press *
  • 9 - Skip
  • 0 – Help

You can have a maximum of 25 messages in your voicemail mailbox. If you have more than 25 messages, callers trying to leave a voicemail will hear a message indicating the mailbox is full, and will not be able to record a voicemail. Be sure to press 7 to delete messages you no longer need.